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  • Ruqaya Iqbal

    Ruqaya Iqbal

    Ruqaya Iqbal Freelancer, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Ruqaya Iqbal is a young journalist working as freelancer with different Urdu language newspapers and magazines. She mostly covers environment, pollution, disaster, water and health issues. She is also […]

  • Ayesha Shaheen

    Ayesha Shaheen

    Ayesha Shaheen Freelance Journalist, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Ayesha Shaheen is freelance journalist based in Karachi. She reports different Urdu language newspapers, magazines and radio on issues related to health, environment and social issues. in the […]

  • Shazad Anwar

    Shazad Anwar

    Shazad Anwar Reporter, Monthly Farozaan, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Shazad Anwar is an environmental journalist based in Karachi. He is staff reporter of Urdu language monthly, Faroozan, which covers environment. His interests include pollution, sanitation and […]

  • Rabab Ibrahim

    Rabab Ibrahim

    Rabab Ibrahim Freelancer, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Rabab Ibrahim is a young journalist based in Karachi. Currently working as a freelancer, she has previously worked with News One, Geo News and Express News as a reporter, […]

  • Zulfiqar Rajpar

    Zulfiqar Rajpar

    Zulfiqar Rajpar Staff Reporter, Daily Sindh Affair Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Zulfiqar Rajpar is a senior journalist currently working as a staff reporter with Daily Sindh Affair at its Karachi office. He is also a photographer, […]

  • Moomal Manzoor

    Moomal Manzoor

    Moomal Manzoor Copy Editor, K21 News Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Moomal Manzoor is a young journalist working in electronic media in Karachi. She covers social issues, health and environment. Being a member of the Pakistan Federal […]

  • Abdul Hafeez

    Abdul Hafeez

    Abdul Hafeez Journalist, Samaa News, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan After completing his Masters in Mass Communication from University of Karachi in 2010, Abdul Hafeez started working as a journalist. He is currently associated with the Web […]

  • Amir Chouhan

    Amir Chouhan

    Amir Chouhan Staff Reporter, Daily Pakistan Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Amir Chouhan is a senior journalist based in Karachi. Hailing from Sargodha, Punjab, he moved to Karachi in 2006, and started his journalistic career with Daily […]

  • Qasim Shah

    Qasim Shah

    Qasim Shah Secretary General, Gilgit Press Club Reporter, Reuters Gilgit city, Gilgit-Baltistan Region Qasim Shah is a senior journalist based in Gilgit city of Gilgit Baltistan. He is Secretary General of Gilgit Press Club and […]

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    Mehdi Hassan

    Mehdi Hassan Freelance Journalist Gilgit city, Gilgit-Baltistan Region Mehdi Hassan is freelance print media journalist. Basically he belongs to Nomal district of Gilgit-Baltistan and did his MBA from Karachi University. He has recently joined National […]