After the first meeting and Karachi Training, In August 2012, NCEJ in collaboration with Internews-EU arranged field training for the NCEJ’s members in seven cities across Pakistan including Karachi, Kashmore and Tando Muhammad Khan of Sindh, Multan, Layyah, Sargodha of Punjab and Peshawar of KP.
As part of the field training, participants were given an opportunity to attend the field training in their own cities where they are permanently working while reporting on environmental themes.
The mentoring conducted by environmental journalist and NCEJ president Amar Guriro and was started on August 28, 2012 and ended on October 14, 2012.
The stories produced during this field training and also the photos and videos of activities of NCEJ members working in the field were uploaded on social media and also on its website.

Third Classroom and Field Training for NCEJ member Journalists
In November 2012, NCEJ’s governing body decided to increase number of members for which it has conducted a five-day classroom training in Karachi in collaboration with Internews-EU
For this session, NCEJ invited application through a newspaper advert published in the national newspapers, so that enthusiast environmental journalists can apply for it.
The advertisement was published in two major national newspapers and around 400 environmental journalists applied for the training. After detailed revision and tight scrutiny, 12 journalists of print, television, radio and also a blogger were selected for the training. A 5-day training was conducted in Karachi (November 08 to November 12) for these journalists.

NCEJ’s Launching Ceremony
On November 13, 2012, NCEJ was officially launched to get attention of the media and also to let the organizations workings on environment know about this environmental group. Internews-EU ones again fully supported NCEJ and arranged a hall in local hotel in Karachi and also provided technical support and asked its partners to cover the launching ceremony.
Around 15 members of NCEJ participated in the launching ceremony and media was invited to cover the event. Media covered the event and the news of NCEJ launching ceremony was reported widely across Pakistan – in 15 Sindhi languages newspaper, 5 English newspapers, 12 Urdu newspapers and on more than 15 television channels. This was an extremely impressive amount of coverage which reveals the very real need and demand for media to cover environmental issues.
NCEJ’s launching ceremony was widely published by the mainstream Pakistani newspapers, which can be seen here